TypeOnline Course

Presented By

Dr. Jeevan Dontulwar
Principal Jawaharlal Nehru College,
Wadi, Nagpur

Section 1Points to be covered
Section 2Definition
Section 3Pinacol-Pinacolone Rearrangement Terminology
Section 4Pinacol-Pinacolone Rearrangement
Section 5Pinacol-Pinacolone Rearrangement Examples
Section 6Examples
Section 7Pinacol-Pinacolone Rearrangement Mechanism
Section 8Mechanism: Driving Force for the Rearrangement
Section 9Fundamentals: Factors affecting stability of carbocation
Section 10Mechanism
Section 11Reactions of unsymmetrical diols
Section 12Reactions of unsymmetrical diols
Section 13
Section 14Cross-over experiment
Section 15Stereochemistry of migration
Section 16Migratory aptitudes
Section 17Migratory aptitudes of aryl group
Section 18Migratory aptitudes
Section 19Migratory aptitudes: Ring expansion reaction
Section 20Conformational effects in pinacol-pinacolone rearrangement
Section 21
Section 22Applications of pinacol-pinacolone rearrangement
Section 23Applications of pinacol-pinacolone rearrangement